Pricing Plans

Your need, your control. Choose the exact package you need and place an order.

SSD VPS 1 $17.99


1TB/month bandwidth
1GB Dedicated RAM
2x2.2GHz CPU
Free Setup

SSD VPS 2 $32.99


2TB/month bandwidth
2GB Dedicated RAM
2x2.2GHz CPU
Free Setup

SSD VPS 3 $54.99


3TB/month bandwidth
4GB Dedicated RAM
4x2.2GHz CPU
Free Setup

More Hosting Plans

Not satisfied with the most selling hosting packages listed above? Check more of our packages. We are sure you are going to love them!

Package Space Bandwidth /month RAM CPU Cores/Speed Root Access Setup Charge Cost
SSD 1 15 GB 1 TB 1 GB 2x2.2GHz Yes Free $17.99/mo Order Now
SSD 2 30 GB 2 TB 2 GB 2x2.2GHz Yes Free $32.99/mo Order Now
SSD 3 60 GB 3 TB 3 GB 4x2.2GHz Yes Free $54.99/mo Order Now
SSD 4 80 GB 4 TB 4 GB 4x2.2GHz Yes Free $69.99/mo Order Now
SSD 5 100 GB 5 TB 8 GB 4x2.2GHz Yes Free $84.99/mo Order Now
SSD 6 160 GB 5 TB 16 GB 8x2.2GHz Yes Free $169.99/mo Order Now

Services Included

All our SSD VPS service includes some common features. Some of them are listed below. For more details you can see our Terms of Services page.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Our customer care agents are available round the clock. We offer free online and phone support for all our SSD VPS users.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer 30 days money back guarantee for all our SSD VPS users. If you are not satisfied, you will get 100% money back.

99.9% Uptime

We offer 99.9% uptime for all our SSD VPS packages. We take downtime seriously and take care of it quickly.

General FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers you might want to look at before ordering.

If you try to generally understand what a VPS is, you need to know about a server. When we virtually divide a server into separate unites allocating certain portions of the physical devices dedicated, it is called a VPS. That is you will get your dedicated RAM, CPU and disk space.

Yes, you might need to buy a VPS if you have a good number of customer base.

If you already have a website hosted with another hosting provider, you can transfer it to us easily. If you are using cPanel, just take backup and send the file to us. We will take care of it. The transfer process takes around 2-6 hours to be completed. You can also give us access to your cPanel (if you like), and we can transfer it easily for you.

You are basically charged monthly for VPS. But you can pay as annually. If you pay annually, you will get a 10% discount on charges. The US Dollar conversion rate we calculate as $1 = Tk. 80.